Lobo Blanco

Business Strategy Highlights

  • Environmental Permit expected to be issued by August 2018
  • TEM Survey to identify drill targets to be completed and carried out by Quantec Geoscience by September 2018
  • Additional Acquisitions: Available Options;
    • Acquisition of additional properties in the Pastos Grandes region available from listed Lithium exploration companies looking to divest quality assets to stream line portfolio with a focus on production over exploration
  • Worley engaged to develop a Pre Economic Assessment to design Lithium Carbonate Pilot Plant and Pond system to be built at Pacha Project.
  • Block Flow and Mass Balance now complete
  • Capex and C1 cost to delivered by June 22nd.
Sales Offtake:
  • Advanced discussions with North American and Chinese parties for the supply of both Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide Products
  • MoU being worked on to cover pilot plant CAPEX and associated construction pre-salingresulting off take

Project Overview

11,360 hectare exploration property located on the Pastos Grandes Salar, considered to have the best infrastructure in the region. The project is located in close proximity to exploration projects which have identified an upper halite section on the salar followed by a porous predominately loose sand horizon which hosts the main aquifer and lithium brines.

Lithium grades sufficiently high to be of economic interest have been detected in zones of the Pastos Grandes Salar that are proximal to the Pacha Project. In these proximal zones, elevated grades were detected in both near-surface brines and to depths in excess of 400m.

Research and field examinations revealed stratigraphic evidence suggesting that the Pastos Grandes salar was, at its maximum extent, longer than 21 km in a north-south direction and wider than 12 km in an east-west direction, and that a large portion of the area is paleo-salar extending north-south below post-mineral cover.

The Pastos Grandes salar has a high probability of containing greater amounts of lithium-enriched brine than previously thought. In addition, recent developments in other lithium resource areas have shown that the more highly enriched brine resources and more transmissive aquifers are found at greater depths in the salars of the region. The Pacha project tenements are within these prospective areas highlighted by Eramine

Project is close to key infrastructure required for a pilot and industrial scale project;

  • Natural gas line located approximately 35km from the project passing through San Antonio de los Cobres,
  • Railway located approximately 38km north-west connecting the project to the Chilean port of Antofagasta
  • 600 megawatt (MW), 375 kilovolt (KV)power line approximately 60km to the north